Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BM Archives :: Fresh Ways to Display Spring Flowers

I hope you are well on this fine Wednesday! Today I'm sharing a post that's sure to inspire you throughout each season, especially Spring and Summer. What other ways do you enjoy displaying flowers?

While I enjoy having vases of flowers in my apartment year round, I especially look forward to springtime, when some of the most beautiful flowers are in bloom. My moms garden is always filled with colorful flowers and I love bringing a bunch home with me whenever I visit. I also like picking up flowers at our local farmer's market...or even the grocery store! This season, instead of putting flowers in just any old glass vase, why not display them in a new way? Here are some simple ideas and quick DIY tips on creative ways to showcase your fresh blooms.
{LOVE this idea! Wrapped soda bottles in pretty paper and twine. Image via Decor8}

{Hanging flowers in vintage bottles with rope or twine - a great idea for your patio or garden. Image via}

{Simple and so pretty - a single flower in a mason jar. Image via}

{A collection of white vessels lined up along a window sill with large flowers. Image via}

{Container wrapped with brown paper and twine, stenciled with a simple design. Image via}

{How gorgeous is this? A simple white tray filled with a variety of flowers and glass vases in all shapes and sizes. Image via}

{A vintage teacup filled with roses. So cute for a desk or small table. Image via}


  1. I love these ideas! Can't wait to put them to good use once the flowers start blooming!

    xo Lily

  2. OH! I love the soda bottle idea! so fun!


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