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I'd love to hear from you, but before you send me and email, please read the following...this may give you a better chance of having your email read and/or responded to!  

 Please Note: Belle Maison does not accept pre-written articles or blog content (free or sponsored) and any inquiries will go unanswered. 

When pitching products or a business please be sure to include images and links to the website. Belle Maison will only consider featuring products that fit with our aesthetic and are related to interior design, home decor or fashion/jewelry. We will not feature products that have no relevance to our blog and readers and such requests will go unanswered. If we're interested in your submission, you will hear from us within a few weeks.

If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway on Belle Maison, the giveaway item must be valued at a minimum of $50 minimum and be related to interior design, home decor, or fashion/jewelry. We are very selective with the giveaways we host and apologize in advance if we are unable to work together with you. If we are interested in partnering with you for a sponsored giveaway, we will notify you within a few weeks of receiving your email.

Please visit our advertising page for more information.

We'd love to learn more about any opportunities related to online and print media. Please contact us at julie[at]
EMAIL: admin@bellemaison23[dot]com.

Please note that I receive a ton of emails on a daily basis (which I love!), but I'm not always able to respond to each and every one, although I try my best. Please be patient if you don't hear back right away - it may take me a while to reply. Thank you!