Friday, March 28, 2008

Cool + Random+ Funky Finds

Goldfinch Green Tote Bag by Thomas Paul - I need this bag to carry around all my design junk while I'm out and about! Super cute and simple - right up my ally!

Address File Box from Ugly Kitty - Each address file box is made from half of a wooden recipe card organizer and lots of recycled paper. After collecting hundreds of magazine subscription cards (the annoying ones that fall out all over the place when you get a new mag) and other found papers, they are all cut into 2” x 3.5” cards and rounded at the corner, keeping the address information intact. Throw in a few heavy stock dividers (26 to be exact) and you’re on your way to upcycled organization. Over $1,800 has been donated through the Ugly Kitty Etsy Shop to the Cool Cat's Rescue Center. Reuse, recycle and help kitties from being put to sleep...sounds like a great deal to me!
Reusable Silk Gift Wrapping - save a tree and wrap your next gift in one of these lovely silk $15 a pop, it's much more expensive than your average roll of wrapping paper but a portion of proceeds go toward the World Wildlife Fund and the person your're giving the gift to, gets a bonus scarf to keep. (Love the concept but don't think I could afford this when it comes to Christmas wrapping...)

ART? by Vincent Abbey. it? My husband (who happens to be an artist) says, "Yes, it's art! Anything creative is art!" And you know what, I think he's right...
Nautilus Eco-friendly Flat-Pack Hanging Lamp designed by Rebecca Asquith of the sustainability-driven New Zealand outlet Unless. I want one of these! They're so delicate looking.


  1. I love this smart, sophisticated and truly interesting blog. I could sit and read and look for hours. The ideas are new and very fun!! I can't wait for what's next!

  2. great finds! i love the birdy bag especially and the scarf gift wrapping. i was thinking of purchasing the thomas paul bag for my calligraphy stuff, but this print was out of stock & i didn't like the other prints as much as this one. so sad.


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