Friday, April 4, 2008

My Travels

My unexpected stay in Santa Ynez, CA...I was up in Solvang ( a curious little Danish village) yesterday, fluffing up some of our model homes. After an incredibly long day of running in and out of 6 model homes, touching-up, shifting accessories, and re-vamping, my boss and I were exhausted! We treated ourselves to a fabulous dinner at the Los Olivos Cafe (featured in the movie Sideways) and after a bottle of wine and a delicious dinner, decided to call it a day and check-in to a hotel for the night. We ended up at the Santa Ynez Inn. The most adorable little place with only 14 rooms. The exterior of the Victorian style Inn. It looked like a big giant house! I'd love a house like this!!!
A photo of my room. Even though it was very traditional and Victorian, it didn't have that old, stale look or feel. It was so quaint and cozy. The perfect place to rest my head and recharge! We were up this morning at 5:00am and back on the road. I'd like to go back with my husband soon :)

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  1. oh, sounds like fun & what a beautiful hotel!


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