Saturday, April 12, 2008

Amy Butler

Amy Butler must have one of the most beautiful websites I've ever seen! Full of fresh, inspiring photographs and beautiful merchandise... I'm hooked!

A little bit about Amy, (from her website): "I've never given a second thought to being an artist. It's really who I am, and what I enjoy. I'm inspired by my surroundings, my friends, my family, nature, and the rich textures of everyday life. I was never much on following trends. I like to remove myself from the cultural influences and design from a very intimate point of view. I collect vintage fabrics and use them in all of my work. I love the hunt, I love flea markets and shops and traveling abroad to find inspiration."

She first began designing passport sized bags in the late 80's and selling them to boutiques around the country. Today, Amy owns her own sewing pattern business, doing what she absolutely loves! Among the many different things she designs are: fabrics, sewing patterns, books and kits, stationery and pillows. She and her husband work as a team which I think is just fantastic! He designs all her product packaging, her website, logos, etc. It actually reminds me of my husband, who is an artist and helps me with the same sort of things. Amy's designs are so lovely and original. I admire her work and hope to one day have my own company, where I get to do what I love and what I'm most passionate about. She is an inspiration to me :)
Click here to download free patterns from her website (scroll all the way to the bottom of the menu & click on free patterns). All images are from


  1. So amazing! Beautiful patterns & designs. This will definitely be you one day!

  2. Amy's popularity is one of those things that makes perfect sense to me. Her fabrics are perfect combinations of shape and color and her patterns are just lovely. I had no idea her husband worked with her. That's too cool.


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