Saturday, April 5, 2008

Anne Taintor

I recently purchased a calendar by this hilarious artist, Anne Taintor. She creates witty little collages by combining vintage images with her own interpretation of what these women might actually be thinking.

Just one of the many flasks she offers. She suggests slipping the flask into your apron pocket or tote, that way a "ladylike snort" is always at your fingertips! Too funny :)
Stick one of these sassy pins on your purse or bag to show some attitude or store loose change in one of the fun Coin Purses.

Add a little humor to your fridge with one of these silly magnets. I love the clever thoughts these seemingly proper women are thinking! Visit her website to view all available products.


  1. sorry didn't mean to delete!! I love those, never knew any background info..she's so clever!

  2. these always crack me up! favorites - "she could no longer pretend that he wasn't an idiot" and "it seemed like such a good idea 12 months ago". ha.

  3. Thank so much for your awesome comments! By the way, I love the magnet with "I love not camping" That would be great for my fridge (especially since my husband just loves camping and I would rather watch paint dry).


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