Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fawn Galli

Recently featured in Domino Magazine's domino 10, designer Fawn Galli, is truly an inspiration! By mixing old and new, vintage and modern, she creates unique and memorable interiors. Shown here are photos of her Brooklyn brownstone. Enjoy! (P.S. - I'm on a business trip to sunny Palm Springs until Thursday, so check back at the end of the week for more fabulous posts!).

To see more of her amazing work, click here. Photo credits: Domino Magazine.


  1. oh, i loved fawn galli's spread in domino. and how cool is her name? fab.

  2. Wow - inspring - thanks for sharing!!

  3. Your blog was on display in my photo journalism class tonight, my teacher Mr. Weller was super impressed!!! So was everyone else :) He said to get a flickr badge for your flickr's in the help file, check into it. Jules your going global I just know it!!!


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