Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fab Finds from Downtown

Downtown offers wide variety of vintage and antiques. "Significant design of the 20th Century and earlier. Downtown's efforts are focused on outstanding Italian, French and American pieces from Interior Designers and Architects." Check out the selected pieces below - some are original antiques that have been given a fresh, updated look; others are new reproductions.

I love the crazy fabric on the Milano Chair and the unique, curved super high back (new); A pair of Grosfeld House Stools circa 1959 - fantastic turquoise leather upholstery!

With a new lacquer finish and new upholstery, these "Louis" Chairs by A. Rudin, circa 1970's, are truly beautiful and are proof of how we can take something old and dated and whip it up in to something new and stunning!

Pair of large French Wire Garden Chairs, circa 1930 from France - they updated these with new paint and fabric and voila! you have a very chic accent chair for your garden or your living room! The wonderfully funky Plateau Mirror measures 3'h x 4'w, circa 2008. These two pieces shown together make a nice "couple," despite their 78 year difference!!!

A restored pair of Geoffrey Harcourt Swivel Lounge Chairs for Artifort, circa 1968!

The Canopy Chair (new) - so dramatic! What a statement this one makes! The Italian Chandelier with Glass Globes is circa 1960 and is just fabulous!

Shown here, circa 1950, a Rare Paul Williams Cutsom Cabinet. Bleached Mahogany, Walnut Burl, Orginal Mirrored Drawers. Recessed Plinth Base. Absolutely beautiful, but it will cost you...$22,000 to be exact! Check out their website for more unique treasures!


  1. like nothing i've ever seen before! their pieces are so unique & totally fab. great find!

  2. So FUN - the chairs are GREAT!


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