Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Giving Back" Tuesdays

I have always had a passion for animals and it breaks my heart to think about any animal being neglected, abused or abandoned. My husband and I adopted our kitty Oliver from our local animal shelter and it felt great to give the little munchkin a chance at a good life. So many other animals aren't as fortunate.

This week's charity of choice is Animals for Adoption -"Creating More Humane Communities for People and Pets." A little about their organization: "Animals are abandoned daily, starving and neglected. To prevent this, our programs educate pet owners, assist the impoverished, promote adoptions and improve shelter conditions nationwide." They have three different national outreach programs to help educate pet owners and potential adopters on how to treat and care for their animals; Assess-A-Pet, which is a nationally known temperament test that identifies congenial, family pets in shelters, aiming to keep adopters and their communities safer by matching families with safe pets that create permanent, loving relationships; Train-to-Adopt is a program committed to the Quality of Life for all dogs in shelters. Individuals and shelters can certify and learn to train shelter dogs to enhance adaptability and carry out behavioral exercises to keep shelter dogs calm, sane, and content; Training Wheels is a national mobile outreach program that brings trained shelter workers, dog trainers and volunteers to people's homes, providing them with whatever help they might need (education, financial, etc.) in a proactive and non-punitive way. Often people who most need help with their pets are least able to access and afford that help. Through the various Training Wheels® programs, pet owners are often able to keep their pets and avoid having to relinquish them. To learn more about this wonderful organization and how you can help, click here.


  1. This is such a great cause- you are an angel for supporting them :)

  2. Aww sounds like a great cause - thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds like a great cause...I love animals too and cannot understand how people can abuse them!

  4. Look at those faces - they are all too precious. We rescued a stray cat from a barn at a farmer's market this summer, returning with "Penny" instead the vegetables we had intended to get. She is part of the family now. Great post - great cause.

  5. aw! look at those adorable faces! another great cause to support.


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