Thursday, September 11, 2008

All That Glitters...

Michael McHale Designs is a new company out of NY that creates stunning chandeliers by combining unexpected materials, such as distressed brass pipes and fittings, mixed with Swarovski's finest grade crystals. They also try to use reclaimed pipes from various building sites and illuminate the fixtures with low wattage refrigerator bulbs. What's even more impressive is that Michael McHale was formerly an entertainment lawyer before launching his company and has no artistic background.


  1. oh boy, oh wow! truly some of the most unusual and gorgeous chandeliers i've seen in some time. in our chocolate shop, which was called sepia, we had all sepia toned light bulbs in all of our chandeliers and lamps to give off a soft sepia-toned feel. i love the amber glass mixed with the crystal. and always love raw, re-usable materials like the pipes. sort of heavy duty meets fragile elegance, perfect!

  2. Love crystal chandeliers in any form and shape. My(on my blog) has the same colour.
    Thank you

  3. Oh la la - love this idea!


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