Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DIY: Reinvent Your Old Stuff

I've been trying to think of ways to spruce up my apartment without spending tons of money and have discovered the best place to start is with things I already have. There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to transform any old thing into something chic and fabulous. So before you toss out that hand rake or old wire basket, think twice! What are some creative ways you've reinvented your old stuff?

Old tea tins converted into chic candle holders (or use a grouping of them as flower vases)
Transform old china into art that says something meaningful by using word decals printed from home

Hand rake turned wine glass rack

Turn a painted metal tray into an instant message board

Plates become wall art (you can also use vintage postcards or old records)

Calendar images become wall art

Champagne flutes become vases

Laminated wallpaper makes great placemats or an adorable desk blotter

Chandelier made from wire basket and mason jars

Industrial light fixture becomes a chic pot


  1. Great ideas!!! I love the candles tea canisters and the old vintage tray memo board

  2. Lovely ideas....I am always in for such makeovers....I feel it not only saves money but also keeps your attic free of junk which we do not feel like throwing nor displaying....Please do visit my blog....I have some makeovers too...


  3. julie! such fabulous ideas, especially the rake for a wine glass holder and the wire basket made into a fun little chandelier. truly inspirational. i'll be looking around my little cottage later wondering what i can do too! love these, all of them. :)

  4. using a wire basket as a chandelier is an awesome idea!

  5. These are all fantastic pieces! I love the calendar idea and the hand rake :) Such good ideas!

  6. Great ideas - especially the magnet tray!

  7. great post. I ecpecially like the first one with the tea cans....they are usually so colorful and pretty! Even better with a candle or flowers in them.

  8. AnonymousJune 16, 2009

    Julie, these are great insights! We need more posts like this to inspire trash solutions that don't involve the garbage can. They're also useful for these money-pinching times.

  9. Julie, these are great! I've been on a mission to spruce up our place too. I love that these ideas are not only a good way to save money, but they also become a unique piece of art and conversation piece.

  10. AnonymousJune 16, 2009

    What a fabulous post!!

  11. i'm off to go thrift a metal tray!
    thanks for these inventive ideas.

    our front door is metal and we post fun stuff on there with magnets.

    remember budget living? now would be a good time for come back...

  12. Love your ideas! Especially the tin cans turned into chic candles and your champagne flute vases! Take care, Caroline

  13. I think that rake turned into wine glass holder is so creative!! I love it!

  14. I love the plate groupings!

  15. Great ideas :) I love the plates, and the candles!

  16. I have that jasmine tea container! How cool--& I love the other ideas, too, especially the laminated wallpaper as place mat.

  17. The red LOVE lamp revamp, but you've already seen that. I think there's so much cool reuse going on at the moment, it's great both for our budget and our environment plus it's so fun!! I've always kept my old calendar pictures, I use them as posters, and it's a great way of doing quick makeovers.


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