Thursday, July 16, 2009

You're Invited to a Wine Tasting

A little off the topic of design today, I'm inviting you to a virtual wine tasting and mini-lesson on some of the most popular wines of the West and what foods to pair them with. I'll be the first to admit that I love my wine! I especially enjoy pinot grigio but am no expert when it comes to matching the right wine with the right, I copied these tips and suggestions straight from Sunset Magazine's article Wine Pairings: 101. This article especially comes in handy for those of you who enjoy summer entertaining with friends and family! Enjoy your "tasting" and let me know which wines you enjoy best and if you have any additional tips on what to serve them with!

Sparkling Wine
"Swirl and taste: Apple, lemon, lime, pear, strawberry, and cherry flavors with a pleasant yeastiness (like brioche baking) and earthy minerality. Bubbly's great acidity makes it an excellent food wine (not just a sipper for celebrations)."
Pair with: Caviar• Smoked salmon • Cheeses • Fish and shellfish • Cream sauces • Potpies, savory turnovers • Asian dishes of all kinds • Sausages ― especially poultry, pork, and Polish • Tangy, fruity condiments • Salty foods • Deep-fried foods • Potato chips • Popcorn

"Swirl and taste: Green apple, pear, melon, creamy lemon, and sometimes pineapple, rounded out with butterscotch and vanilla."
Pair with: Sweet shellfish * White-fleshed fish ― halibut, black cod (sablefish), sturgeon, mahimahi, tilapia * Chicken and turkey * Pork * Veal * Legumes * Winter squash * CornNuts *Risotto and pasta *Cream and butter sauces * Mild Caribbean dishes with tropical fruit flavors

Dry Rosé
"Swirl and taste: Strawberries, cherries, citrus, flowers, herbs, and spices.
Find your style: Dry rosés made from Pinot Noir (often called vin gris) have delicate red fruit and warm spices; those from Syrah and Grenache (traditional in France) come with wilder berries and herbs; rosés made from Merlot are darker and heavier."
Pair with:Fish and seafood * Chicken and turkey * Pork * Spicy or garlicky dishes * Sandwiches, picnic fare * Thanksgiving dinner * Southwest flavors * Chinese food * Indian food * Cheese

Pinot Gris / Pinot Grigio
"Swirl and taste: Pear, lemon (sometimes leaning toward lemongrass), melon, and sweet spice flavors often come with a flinty edge ― imagine wet stones."
Pair with: Richer fish ― tuna, salmon• Shellfish• Chicken• Pasta• Fresh herbs• Simple but rich sauces• Mild Asian dishes• Coconut milk–based curries• Some cheeses ― Grùyére

"Swirl and taste: Delicate white peach, green apple, and lime flavors ― or riper apricot, nectarine, and mandarin orange. Riesling often has a pleasant minerality akin to wet stones and a haunting diesel-like aroma (if you can imagine that as a good thing)."
Pair with: Shellfish • Pork • Ham • Salads and vegetables • Egg dishes • Sausages, salumi, and charcouterie ― especially cured pork products • Barbecue • Asian dishes ― Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese (sushi!), Indian• Southwestern foods.


  1. Oh, what a great wine resource...thanks for the education! Take care, Caroline

  2. thank you for sharing jules! i love sparkling to everything! have a nice day, i ting i'm off from office now, take care my new zealand friend who just arrived for the weekend :) (and have a glas of sparkle)

  3. What a fun little read! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Just what I needed before I went off to buy myself a bottle of wine! Thank you!


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