Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Finds for V-Day

Valentine's Day is just a couple weeks away and while I'm not the biggest fan of this particular day (just never really make a big deal of it), I do think it's a good opportunity to let those who are near and dear to your heart know how much they mean to you...whether it's a significant other, sister, friend, are some thoughtful gift ideas that cost little but say a lot! XOXO.

Snow & Graham Letterpress - Love Birds, Cupcake & Take Out Cards
Ceramic Paperweight Heart via Modern Chic Home

Enamored Pencil Set by Paper Pastries Etsy Shop

You Rule Card by Snow & Chicago Letterpress

Valentine Paper Fortune Cookies via imeon design Etsy shop


  1. What great gift ideas- love that these aren't the "traditional" ones and the idea of recognizing girlfriends, etc.

  2. What lovely finds!!! I adore the water bottle, the ring and the lovebirds card!

  3. Great finds! The 'going steady' ring is too fun!

  4. so fun! I, do love Valentine's day - I'm one of 'those' who can't resist the red and pink hearts! ;) I try to exercise restraint, when I can!

    Great post ~

  5. i honestly cant choose so I want everything! amazing finds

  6. i love the going steady ring! it reminds me of the story of how grandma and grandpa cicero met.

  7. PS- I awarded you the Happy 101 blog award today if you're interested!

  8. these are such fun ideas! i'm with you, for some reason i've never been big into valentine's day. i do remember when i was little and exchanging valentine's in my elementary classes, i used to LOVE that!

  9. Thanks for including me among such great items! That envelope necklace is adorable!
    I have another online shop where if you enter "design" you get 10% off.

  10. Wow... so many ideas :)))
    I love Going Steady Ring, Enamored Pencil Set, Special Delivery Necklaces and You Rule Card :)))
    Thank you so much ;)))
    Have a great week!


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