Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More DIY Ideas: Creative Salvage Makeovers

One of my favorite topics to blog about is DIY / Makeover project ideas. I really wish I lived in a house with a garage and/or backyard (instead of an apartment) so I could take on more of my own DIY weekend projects...but for now, I"ll just have to settle with scoping out other people's fabulous transformations for inspiration. I found this gallery via Sunset Magazine with some great ideas! Do you have any DIY projects in the works? Please share :)

BEFORE (ABOVE): Chandelier lampshades and lumber

BEFORE (ABOVE): Window frames, lumber and door hinges

BEFORE (ABOVE): Old mismatched candlesticks

AFTER: High-gloss, bold, blue candlesticks

BEFORE (ABOVE): $45 Outdated Table from Craigslist

AFTER: Glamorous Side Table (added 2 mirrors and a fresh coat of paint)

BEFORE (ABOVE): Shabby dresser found on Craigslist

AFTER: Beautiful new furniture accent piece!

BEFORE (ABOVE): Wooden Spools

AFTER: Hose Wrap

BEFORE (ABOVE): Salvaged ladders / lumber / dresser drawers....


  1. I enjoy your eye for style! I hope you get a work studio too! I think you will create wonderful things...

  2. I love DIY! I am always stopping by my local Goodwill and Salvation Army for things. Most of the time I leave empty handed, but every now and then I score something perfect! And it is all so affordable and fun.

    I found this piece about a month ago and refurbished it. I love it.


  3. AnonymousJune 02, 2010

    So creative, all of it! I would love to have a craft spot. Now I feel like running out to get some paint. xo

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you are interested (barnes & noble) xo

  4. i love seeing before and afters. i had to do a double take at the dresser-i couldn't believe it was the same piece!

    1. That was crazy to see on that dresser.. I kept looking back and forth to figure out if it was legit. But all the drawers are in the same place and everything. I wish I had a full garage I would totally take on some of these projects, so neat!

  5. I do love a good bit of crafting! Lots in this great post to inspire me for my next project...thank you, Jules! Will xo

  6. These really want me to go to the LB antique market this month and grab some great(cheap) finds, pick up a can of paint, and let my imagination go to work! Love the candlesticks. Love it all!

  7. Very inspiring ideas! I love how the candlesticks and side table turned out!

  8. I have a table that looks just like the before of the "glamorous side table". It has been sent to my basement. I see a glamorous makeover in its future!!!

  9. I hope that as I age I become more handy, because I love all of this. Particularly loving those blue candlesticks. xxSAS

  10. Wow, there's so much inspiration here! I love the candlesticks, the little blue table and the garden table :)

  11. julie! these were such fun to scroll down and see! really great before and afters :) i especially found the ladders, lumber and chest drawers a super after! what a great outdoor addition to any space. and your bureau inspiration is just what i needed as i'm restoring one right now. i will be posting my before pics soon, and i do mean before, it's sanded and in pieces! :)

  12. love the blue candlesticks....so cool!

  13. So creative. Love that garden table. Thank you so much.


  14. Just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it! I'm not a big-time DiYer, but I love the concept and occasionally give it a go...like this super easy lamp shade:


    Keep up the great work! Love what you're doing here! -Linsey

  15. I like the table, made from glass window & hinges. A great idea!

  16. Julie - beautiful blog and great ideas and inspiration. You definately have an eye for the unique and beautiful. I'm excited to continue to visit your little corner of the world for motivation to DIY. - Marcela

  17. Love these DIY ideas! That dresser is just gorgeous.

  18. Found you on StumpleUpon and so glad I did. You got my creative juices flowing again!!!! Thanks and God bless!


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