Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Art of Interior Styling

There's definitely an art to arranging accessories and objects into a well styled vignette. Too much of "this and that" equals clutter..."not enough"equals boring and bland, and so on. Holly over at decor8 has an Interior Styling group via Flickr with 4,000 + images uploaded from all kinds of talented people showing off their personal styling projects.  This gallery is bursting with much that I've managed to lose an hour  in what I call the Internet vortex...where you aimlessly wander through cyberspace with no concept of time - it can be dangerous!

From my experience with styling client's homes, model homes and my own place, there are a few rules of thumb that work just about every time:
1) group objects together in odd numbers - even numbers makes things look awkward
2) fresh flowers make any grouping of accessories pop  (as you'll see in just about every image in this post)
3) stagger similar sized objects at different heights - objects placed on stacked books is a good way to do so
4) group together several of the same accessories together for a dramatic effect (ex: the coke bottles below and the purple bottles toward the bottom of this post)
5) when accessorizing bookshelves or a mantle, mix it up with objects and accessories in all different shapes and sizes - this will make the overall look feel balanced when completed
6) don't group together lots of little accessories (unless you're going for the "tchotchke central" look)
7) mix different textures and materials together, such as raw natural wood with colorful porcelain, or metal and glass...makes things much more interesting! 
8) Edit, edit, edit! Know when to add or subtract pieces to get it just right :)

What are some of your personal styling tips? I'd love to know! 



  1. So many gorgeous photos!! I would be lost in that vortext for a LONG time:) I especially love the grey fireplace picture- so pretty!

  2. Really great tips! I find that being faithful to a colour scheme is a good guide line.

    Sadie at Sadie boon Vintage x

  3. I love your blog. Thanks for all the tips and wonderful pictures. So inspiring for so many spaces in my home:)

  4. Wonderful tips! I am always a bit gun-shy when it comes to accessorizing my home.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I teamed up with a blog called Chic n' Chap Living and contributed to her "2010 Blogger Holiday Gift Guide."

    My guide is all kitchen finds and I included the Perch Glass containers from your shop. I love them!

    Check it out!

  5. Great tips and lovely images! xo

  6. Perfect post. Thank you!!!
    xoxo Heather

  7. Such good insite! Thanks:)
    I live by the odds rule, it's so true things look awkward when in even numbers.

  8. I love your blog! Thank you for ideas!

  9. So, soo many gorgeous photos - and completely inspirational. Particularly as I'm in the midst of unpacking having moved home this weekend past!! :-)

    Jem xXx


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