Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Happy Chic Winners...

My goodness, what an amazing response I received from you all for this giveaway!!! I've been reading through your answers over and over and have had the hardest time narrowing down my favorites! I loved each and every one of your answers and wish you could all be winners of this giveaway. Somehow, I was able to select two lucky readers to win a Happy Chic book. Thank you ALL for participating and taking the time to share your thoughts. I'll definitely be featuring some of your amazing answers in upcoming blog posts. I've learned so much and feel inspired!  xoxo :) If you won, please email me your address and info so I can get your book sent out asap! See below for details...

The WINNER of Happy Chic: Accessories...Plaid Elephant, wrote: "(Imagine saying this in the attitude of a "go-for-it" speech on a podium): I want my home to say that I AM a proud nerd who believes her rubik's cube is an excellent accessory and YES my grandmother's vintage chair is what brings me most happiness and YES I DO love the color peacock blue and yes, I love the marriage of clean right angles with vintage quirky curves and YES I think skull shapes can be chic accessories and I may have a SLIGHT closet obsession with anything striped and ANY type of chandelier even if it's made from doorknobs(ooh, side note, make quirky chandelier from doorknobs) and this IS me and YES you can stay as long as you wish. So grab a Snuggle, kick off your sneaks, pour yourself a glass of pinot and stay a while!! 
(Why I chose this answer: it made me smile, laugh and I was reminded that we shouldn't take our homes too seriously! Love where you live and surround yourself with objects of your affection :)

The WINNER of Happy Chic: Colors...gabrielle wrote... "i want my home to express my many personalities- whether it's my girly side, my surfer side, the rock'n'roll chick that i am or the historian inside of me. in seeing all of these elements work together, one will truly be able to see inside my soul from the inside of my home."
(Why I chose this answer:  I couldn't agree more with the concept of creating an environment that expresses all of the different sides of your personality while remaining cohesive with the right amount of balance. Your home can reveal as little or as much as you'd like it to!)

P.S. - if you'd like to purchase either of these books, go here! (They retail for $18 but are under $10 on Amazon!).

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