Monday, November 1, 2010

Quote of the Week

"I believe chic should be accessible, and that the key to achieving accessibility is injecting your personality. My antidote to tired tastefulness is to lay the foundation of good decorating and then punctuate with a dash of levity. Just a dash!"

- Jonathan Adler, Happy Chic: Accessorizing 

Happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend & Halloween? Did any of you dress up? I ended up being an 80's aerobics instructor, complete with the side ponytail, thong leotard, leg warmers and over-the-top tackiness that comes along with anything from the 80's! It was so much fun :) 
TOMORROW'S POST: Jonathan Adler has two new books coming out and their official publish date is tomorrow, Tuesday November 2nd. His fabulous marketing team was so kind to send me a copy of each book, which I'll be reviewing and giving away tomorrow! Don't miss this - they are the most fantastic books packed full of design tips, ideas, photos and more!


  1. Julie I bought the "For Like Ever" poster in red/pink for my daughter's room and I love it!

  2. Loved anything JA does- the quote is fantastic and I loved the collection of pictures.
    Your costumes sounds hilarious- I dressed up in some weird witchy/flapper get up and was silly enough to post pictures- I think you should do the same:)

  3. oh my goodness I love these all!

  4. Excellent quote! So true...

  5. I love all of the colors in the first picture! I have never read Adler but would love to start! I have recently moved and we have been decorating our apartment - lots of new projects going on over here! Your blog is a great resource. I hope you'll visit me @ MANIC in The City Keep all the great ideas coming!!

  6. WANT those curtains in the 1st room - love them!!!

    PS - spreading the word - LAST DAY to *Enter Camille Beckman Luxury Give-Away Here* PLEASE come over and join!

    *kiss kiss*


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