Friday, December 10, 2010

Gift Guide: DIY Handmade Gifts

I've been on a pretty tight budget the last couple of years for Christmas shopping, which I'm sure many of you can relate to. Last year my husband and I could barely afford to purchase gifts for anyone (including each other), which was a real bummer. Although this year is a little better financially, I've been searching for great gift ideas that won't break the bank. Last night I came across a ton of great "DIY" handmade gift ideas via Martha Stewart that got me thinking outside the box. Many people would love and appreciate a handmade gift over a store-bought gift any day! Now, I'm aware that sometimes handmade equals expensive and time consuming, especially after purchasing all of the items needed to make the item. However, with a little creative thinking and bargain shopping, it is possible to make several great DIY gifts on a shoestring budget! I've rounded up several of my favorite ideas to share with you. Enjoy and please share your thoughts or suggestions on your own DIY / handmade gift ideas! Have a wonderful (and productive) weekend - xoxo, Julie

{1} Paillette Flower Headband; {2} Feathered Headband  {3} Lavender Sachets  {4} Needle-Felted Vintage Clutch {5} Cocktail Mixers & Bottle Wrap (make your own cocktail mixers and package in a glass bottle with decorative tag / instructions) {6} Body Scrub (you only need 4 simple ingredients for this!) {7} Tub Teas (great for someone who enjoys hot baths) {8} Bath Fizzies {9} Bath Snowballs {10} Personalized Blend (I love this idea - basically just add cinnamon or nutmeg to freshly ground coffee beans, scoop into a lined coffee bag and attach your own personal label!) {11} Personalized Silhouettes (in under 30 mins!) {12}Monogrammed Boxes (great for jewelry, gift cards and small items)



  1. thank u thank u, i think i will be busy for the next 15 days!


  2. that cocktail mixers are really cute, and i love the bath scrub... wonder if i can find some cute packaging for them here in oxford. thanks for the great suggestions! glad to have found your blog.

  3. Nothing better than a handmade gift- so personal and they feel like more thought has been put into them somehow. Loved your list-the feather headbands and silhouettes were my favourites:)

  4. Love MS's ideas! I make a {small} living by selling my handmade accessories and I'm a big diy-er. Every year I end up making most of family gifts in addition to purchasing something small.

    I took a few of my mom's photos from her recent trip to Italy and edited them so they looked really modern/artistic and framed them. I also made all the women in my family earrings and gave them headbands from my shop.

    And, every year my dad asks for cookies. I need to get started on those next week!

  5. How nice that they're all in one place! great idea! =) I love the headband!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. GREAT post!
    This year at our work Holiday Faire, we sold many handmade items. People are looking to buy homemade for gift giving. I can say the economy may suck but it is making people think about how they spend their money.
    I have been making my gifts for years, this year crochet grocery bags filled with goodies; pretty soaps, books, music and homemade tasty treats and a few other crochet items like hats, scarves and gloves. I usually buy items throughout the year when I find that special something so I don't get hit so hard during December.

    Thanks for posting all this great idea's, I will be looking to do a few more gifts before christmas.

  7. What great ideas! I am a recent college grad with an intern's salary, so a shoestring budget is about all I have to work with! Thanks for the post.

  8. I love doing body scrubs, I'll be posting a diy next week most likely.

  9. Handmade gifts are the most special. Love all of these ideas!

  10. I love the hair pieces. I most of my daughter's hair bows/headbands/clips...I love seeing her wear them.

  11. beautiful pieces that you have here..^_^

  12. so positive and it


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