Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interview with Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan and ApartmentTherapy.com have teamed up with Duracell for a campaign to “Tackle Techorating.” Maxwell defines “techorating” as how to design/decorate your home WITH technology or AROUND technology such as flat screen TVs, computers, phones, and all sorts of consumer electronics. I was given the opportunity to interview Maxwell on this topic, which was very exciting! My (3) interview are listed below. Click the Play button on the video to hear Maxwell's helpful answers and solutions!
 (1) The cables and cords from beneath my desk are an absolute disaster! Most of them connect to my computer, along with cords to the phone, speakers, etc. How can I keep all of these cords from turning into a tangled mess?
(2) How do you feel about hanging a flat screen TV above the fireplace? I’m an interior designer and my clients seem to have mixed feelings about the way this looks.
(3) My husband is a movie-junkie and we have tons of DVDS stacked in a bookcase in our bedroom, which looks cluttered and overwhelms the space. Do you have any suggestions on how to organize DVD cases to look stylish and/or ways to conceal them?



  1. Great video clip...Wonderful ideas!

  2. That is so cool and Maxwell had great thoughts! I am in love with the megaphone!!

  3. Ok, the thoughts on DVD owning and storing is absolutely ridiculous. Other than that...I thought it was a decent piece. Nothing earth shattering.

  4. i've been looking for a new way to store my cords forever! they're so annoying to have everywhere! my hubby's dvd cases drove me crazy too, one day i asked if we could just buy some cd cases and store them there so they didn't take up as much room, when we went to target to find some i found a pretty red box that had cd sleeves on hooks on the inside, they matched my living room and look so much better!! i love them now, it's not as easy to find movies, but i alphabatized them when i put them in and it's easier to find things that way, took some time, but way worth it to me! i tried to find a link on target.com but couldn't, they were with the other cd cases


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