Friday, May 6, 2011

New York & Nate Berkus!

So, I've been invited to attend an exclusive color event hosted by Nate Berkus next week in, where else?! New York! I'm beyond excited to be a part of this exciting opportunity to meet Nate, in addition to the opportunity to travel to New York...I've only been one other time, which was amazing, of course. So, what I'd like to ask my dear blog readers is, where / what must I absolutely see, visit, experience, during my very quick trip to the Big Apple?! I'll be staying in Tribeca and have absolutely no clue on the best places to go...which is why I'm asking you, should you happen to know of some shops, restaurants, etc. that I MUST add to my itinerary. I'd be so grateful! And the best husband will be joining me as my travel buddy! While he won't be attending the Nate Berkus event, he'll be there to experience the rest of the city with me, as he's never been to New York. He's an artist and I know there are several "must see" spots that we'll both enjoy visiting. And of course, I will be back next week with a full report of my trip, along with details of the color event with Mr. Berkus! I promise lot's of photos, notes and anything else I can share with you. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing mom's out there. You rock! Cheers, xoxo - Julie


  1. Only been to NY once but it was a blast. Enjoy!

  2. that's wonderful, julie..i have always wanted to visit new york..hopefully soon! have a lovely weekend..and a very happy mother's day..I would like you to check out my daughter's room on my blog! xx meenal

  3. eeeks! julie! have a blast my friend, can't wait to hear all about it. i've only been to new york once so i'm not a big help, i soooo want to go back for a longer visit! enjoy...;)

  4. Hey Julie I'm so jealous but excited for you. I'll send you an email with suggestions! xo Erika

  5. Very exciting. You must go to ABC Home. It is amazing.

  6. Dear Julie,


    I'm following you here from Vintage Home.

    I love Nate.

    He really promotes the blog world.

    Enjoy your exciting trip.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

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  8. YIPPIE JULIE! Enjoy your time and take every bit of the city in...NEW YORK, NEW adventure awaits.

    Renee and Angela

  9. AnonymousMay 06, 2011

    HOW EXCITING! I'm so jealous...You have to share your experience. Enjoy!

  10. Sounds like a fun visit!
    I go to NYC every two weeks, used to live there;-)

    A MUST if weather is nice
    Top the Peninsula Hotel, they have a restaurant/bar
    East 55th
    The BEST place in New York!!
    trust me on this one, its outdoors on rooftop, its even open in the winter with heat lamps outside... No place like it! Its great for happy hour as well, and just down the street from bergdorfs and bendels.

    Best Mexican Restaurant, Rosa Mexicano
    There are 3 locations, the Union Street location would be the one closer to Tribeaca.

    If you like Cuban, they have live entertainment and the best food!
    Guantanamera on 8th ave in the 50's

    Upscale Chinese
    Mr Chow

    Really Pretty views of Central Park
    Dining and BAr

    Well there you have it, a few of my faves.
    Have Fun!!

  11. I just wondered onto your blog form the Daily Worth today... but I live in NYC so here are a few things I think are a must:

    - Take a walk on the Highline and then through Chelsey to see some art galleries or you can look around 14th street at the high-end stores. Drinks at the Standard Hotel are a nice start or finish to the Highline experience.

    - I'd recommend going to Brooklyn, it's where everything new is happening. Maybe a walk through Williamsburg and then dinner at either Diner (hipter casual with great farm to table food)or to Dressler which has a really cool interior and great food (you need a reservation at Dressler so call a day ahead 718 384 6343)

    or you could go to Dumbo and stroll up to Brooklyn Heights through the beautiful brownstones to the Promenade to see a great view of the Manhattan Skyline. Dining in that part of Brooklyn you might enjoy a more rustic experience at Dumbo General Store or walk a bit further to Vinegar Hill House (also need reservations there). Check out Jacques Torres Chocolates on Water Street and the park off Main Street in Dumbo is also amazing between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

    - ART: The MOMA is fun for a few hours

    - My favorite is afternoon tea in NYC, I've been going to the Ritz on Central Park and it's great and you can see the park then too.

    - My other favorite is to go for drinks or brunch at the Mandarine Oriental Hotel on Columbus Circle - the best view of the park and their brunch is great (you can just call the main hotel line and they will put to through to the restaurant) Oh, and their Spa is world-class there (very expensive)

    - There area a bunch of great restaurants near your hotel in Tribeca too. Tamarind for Indian, Locande Verde for Italian, and old school French Brasserie Odeon

    Hope that helps!

    Rachel (

  12. Cafe Habana Prince street, best kept secret, A hole in the wall with the most AMAZING Cuban food and drinks you'll ever have. With a fun Nolita downtown artist/fashion/off beat crowd. My boyfriend and I go there all the time. You will be addicted. Very NY, not commercial.

  13. Another blogger that I love asked the same question and these are the responses that she got...

  14. OMG I'm dying of jealousy right now!

  15. Death and Company for drinks is a must! Get there early to put your name on the list because the place is small and the wait can be long, but it's sooo worth it. Amazing cocktails, chic ambiance, great food.

    If I had my way I'd be sipping a Southern Exposure and eating some crispy fries RIGHT NOW!

  16. i love you all! thank you for the warm wishes and for the FANTASTIC advice and suggestions on places to go! xoxo :)

  17. Hi! Just got back from NYC! It's the perfect time to go too, the tulips have bloomed, the sun is shining and the weather is PERFECT!! I fell in love with Brooklyn this time. Two wonderful restaurants to try are Buttermilk Channel and Prime Meats and Oyster Bar and the Brooklyn Tea Room were great too! I had a delciious cocktail (or a few) called "Forbidden Fruit" at the bar in the Ace Hotel (you must go!!). And of course there are tons of museums you must see though it's usually impossible to visit them all in one trip if you're not there that long. Have a lovely trip! Can't wait to see photos:) xo

  18. As a Californian who has never ventured to the big apple, I don't have any recommendations for you, except to HAVE FUN!!! What an exciting opportunity, I can't wait for you to share all the details!! :)


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