Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reader Giveaway! Win a $100 Gift Certificate to Novica

Let's face it, we all love shopping and buying shiny new things for our homes and wardrobes, especially when we can make those purchases with the click of a mouse, right? Well if you enjoy shopping and giving back, then you're really going to love the online store Novica! In association with National Geographic, Novica allows you to purchase unique, hand-made items from across the globe while supporting talented artisans grow their business, share their talent, and ultimately build better lives. "I give thanks to Novica for the significant change it has made in my life. Before, we were living with a mattress on the floor, and now we have a comfortable and pleasant new home. I'm very happy to have been able to pay for the schooling of my three children and the comfort of my family," says Cesar Gonzales, one of the many artisans who have been able to change their life through Novica's outstanding program. They have thousands of beautiful items for sale - from home decor and furniture to jewelry, handbags and much more. This shop is especially perfect if you're looking for unique gift ideas for Christmas (which is right around the corner!). The best part: Novica is giving away a $100 Gift Certificate to one lucky reader! For details on how to enter, read on...

"We want to give artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to spur their creativity. And, we want to provide you with access to unique, hard-to-find items at great values that only the Internet infrastructure can allow."

[Some of my top picks...clockwise from top left: Mercury Sculpture; Star of Love Mirror; Copper & Bronze Vase; Cedar & Leather Accent Table]

[Rose Petals, oil, acrylic & paper on canvas]

["Confetti" Handmade Glass Champagne Flutes]

Novica is a also a great resourse for accessories, women's accessories, cufflinks, women's scarves, wool scarves and walking sticks!

1. Visit Novica's website and browse around their fabulous store
2. Come back and leave a comment on what you'd love to spend your gift certificate on if you win
3. Anonymous comments will not be accepted, UNLESS you leave your email address or contact info!
4. Contest open to both US & international readers :)
5. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 1st

Good Luck & Thanks for Participating! 



  1. I like the Silk Batik Shawl!

  2. What a beautiful concept. I will definitely check that website again when it's time for holiday shopping. I love the Mirror 'Winter Sun.' I would put it on my (currently bare) bedroom wall. Thanks!

  3. Oh my goodness, the Mercury sculpture! I'm teaching comparative mythology and I might just have to have it- win or not!

  4. I would buy

    So cute!

  5. I love the owl wisdom book ends

  6. That beautiful turquoise cocktail ring. I love turquoise-- it reminds me of my family reunions in Colorado when I was a kid.

  7. I love the Celadon ceramic pitcher, 'Carved Jewel! So classic and beautiful!

  8. I love the Taxco moon turquoise cocktail ring!!!

  9. Love the website...I could spend all day looking around. I love the wall crosses, I want to do a small wall of them!!

  10. OMG their "rose diamond" cocktail ring is gorgeous! So many stones I've never seen before...awesome giveaway! THanks!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  11. Oh, I love their blankets! And there are so many beautiful pieces of woodworking... I love it all. What a great resource.

  12. Thanks for introducing me to Novica. I love that it's a collaboration between National Geographic. There are so many beautiful things on their site but I especially love the leather & wood coffee tables. I have the perfect place to put one in my home!!

  13. Oh my! So many pretty items and I love that they're all handmade and fair-trade. I really like the Chrysocolla cocktail ring in 'Rectangular Sea'. Lovely! Thank you :)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  14. I would get one of the beautiful mirrors - I need one for a space I have an idea for in my home and there are so many beautiful options!
    Much love,

  15. Thank you for the introduction to this wonderful place to find gifts. The cedar and leather top table would be the choice for me. I would give it to my husband to place by his leather lounger chair. I would enjoy it too daily. The table would become a family heirloom.

  16. I am absolutely obsessed with this Foundations mission. Novica’s concept is such a fantastic idea and will change the lives of all, both artistic creators and lucky consumers alike! I’m a self proclaimed art junkie, (…and yes, jewelry and clothing also constitute as art in my book) so your posting on the many worldly treasures available on Novica was an exciting moment for me.  It’s amazing the various talents people possess! Frankly, I would love it all… Sadly, I’m not a millionaire, nor will my boyfriend be pleased with our house being the gallery for every single item I fell in love with; but if I had to choose the following would be my must have picks…
    Gold tourmaline cocktail ring, 'Brazilian Sunset'
    Turquoise cocktail ring, 'Always Azure'
    Malachite 3 stone ring, 'Princess Trio'
    Sculpture, 'Mercury'
    Wood sculpture, 'Thinking of You'
    Wood sculpture, 'Abstract Rest'
    Wood sculpture, 'Abstract Gymnast'
    Stained glass table, 'Glass Spectacle'

    P.S. Thank you for your inspirational quotes each week; they act as my emotional “food for thought”.

  17. I love the kashmiri rugs! Like the morning joy one.
    I love the baskets. e.g. Maya sun.
    I love the Wood centerpiece, 'Village'
    I love the Ceramic teapot, 'Buddha and the Sapphire Elephant'
    I love the Ceramic wall adornment, 'Hummingbird Eclipse'

    I love traveling, so I would love decorating my home with so many of these things. I am a National Geographic fan but didn't know about this store. It is great!

  18. i would probably get one of their ponchos or sweaters! they all look so comfy and warm, which is perfect for winter in the midwest for me!


    name: alyssa wilke

  19. I love the blown glass martini glasses.

  20. Mirror Mirror on the wall...I'd use this gift to purchase one of the GORGEOUS 'Autumn Butterfly' Mirrors for my new apartment! :)

  21. I would love to have 'Virgin Mary with the Boy'. It is a beautiful piece of art, and I collect religious iconography! Thank you for the opportunity!

    Terrie Hall

  22. I would love to get this bracelet from Thailand!!$50/leather-and-amazonite-wrap-bracelet-new-tribal/178299/

  23. I love lots of the jewelry, but also the various sun wall sculptures, which would be perfect for decorating during the winter solstice.

  24. Those hand-made champagne flutes are calling me!!! Although I may buy my sister and I each a handbag....

  25. I'm dying over the "Floating" ring by Adrian Miranda, and the "Taxco Groove" earrings by Oscar Escorcia. Gorgeous!
    robin.catalano AT

  26. The wall tapestries, particularly by Meena, are unbelievable. I have one and covet another. They are truly works of art that are delicate, intricate, and dazzling. No one comes into my home and leaves without commenting on mine.
    Also, the glassware is fantastic.

  27. I would love to put the gift certificate towards a sunbeams or starburst mirror, but there are so many tempting choices!

  28. I would love to put the "sun" and "star" themed mirrors on my bare and boring walls and to accent them with the beautiful tables and home decor that are on the website!

  29. Thank you for introducing me to this website, I have found so many things I love. I think I would get the Sodalite cocktail ring in 'Lagoon'.


  30. Oh my goodness it is so hard to choose. I love the Loopy Bullhorn Cuff in your post. But I cant decide between that or one of these:

    - Mohena mirror, 'Sunbeams'
    - Chain stitched Kashmiri rug, 'Morning Joy'
    - Cotton throw, 'Geometrical Legacy'
    - Sandstone wall panel, 'Tantric Buddhism Dorje'
    - Threadwork, 'Who Lives Here?'
    - Soapstone sculpture, 'Mother Owl'

    Quite the predicament, huh?

    Love your posts! Keep doing what you do! :)


  31. I would love to get the bubbles bamboo vase from Bali!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  32. I love this shop, it's fantastic.
    If I win, I'd choose some bag item, like this one:

    Ana Belén R.M

  33. I'm currently traveling around the world & with a very full backpack & limited budget I'm having to pass up on so many incredible finds for my home, so this website will be so helpful to me to have a few reminders of my travels once I'm settled back at home. Having fallen in love with Andean fabrics during my time spent in South America I would spend the voucher on the Sunset Temple cushion covers for my living room sofa to brighten up the White interior x

  34. I would love any of the chess sets, they would be an amazing gift for my dad!

  35. Without a doubt I LOVE the Taxco Moon Turquoise Cocktail Ring! That is EXACTLY the kind of ring I've been looking for! Stylish gold and turquoise rings are hard to come by and this one NAILS it! Amazing!

  36. wow! I love their stuff. Right up my alley. I think I would love any one of their wall hangings or tapestries. The chess sets are awesome too. I am teaching my 7 year old daughter how to play, so this would be an awesome Christmas gift! Also, the coffee tables are incredible, I might just splurge and buy one soon! :)


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