Friday, January 13, 2012

Terrariums: Mini Indoor Gardens

Modern terrariums are a fantastic way to incorporate "live" greenery into your home without the hassle and upkeep of typical houseplants. They're low maintenance and pretty easy to create, which is especially great news for those of you who can't keep an indoor plant alive to save your life! I read that most terrariums won’t need watering for four to six months - you’ll know it’s time when the plants look wilted or water stops condensing on the sides of the container. You can pretty much use any glass vessel of your choice - a jar, fish bowl, vase, glass cloche, etc., depending on the type of terrarium you'd like to create. For step-by-step instructions on how to create (3) different types of terrariums, check out this article via Real Simple. It gives you a list of plant types and supplies needed. Have you tried creating one for your home? What do you think about this idea? I'm a huge fan of succulent plants and would love to make one to place on my family room coffee table. *** Have an amazing weekend! xoxo - Julie

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  1. These are gorgeous! Great pictures- I'm toying with one of these... I especially like the pear shaped terrariums, but I couldn't find them through your links. Where are they from?

  2. holly, the pear shaped terrarium photo is from a post on apartment therapy - here's the link...don't know if they list the source for them?

  3. I made a few terrariums for my kitchen and foyer. They are doing very well. You can see them here--

    Would love to know what you think.


  4. I would love to add one to my space !!


  5. The one from IKEA is already mine!

    ❤ Annelien

  6. Those are so adorable! I am officially following your blog, by the way :) I would love it if you could check mine out...

    XX Kathryn

  7. I love this photos. I had the pear shape terranium but is broken and I haven´t got more.

  8. fresh and springy!

  9. Oooh wooow amazing post!!! love it!!

    Follow you!! :)

  10. These are great! I love the shapes of all of the containers. I don't have a green thumb, so I may give this a go!


  11. This is a garden for me :) I love the photos

    Very nice post



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