Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Design Book Review: Be Your Own Decorator by Susanna Salk

I'll admit it - I'm a total design book and magazine junkie...and I know many of you are too :) Book publisher Rizzoli USA has been so kind to send me advanced copies of fresh new design books from time to review and share with you. The latest book I reviewed and can't get enough of is Be Your Own Decorator by Susanna Salk, which was released yesterday (3/27)! This book is packed full of nothing but photos of stunning interiors by some of the industry's leading interior designers, such as Kelly Wearstler, Bunny Williams, Albert Hadley, Nate Berkus, Mary McDonald, and Tobi Fairley. See below for details on this fabulous book. It's a must for every design library, I promise!

"Organized into chapters on balance, color, mixing, accessorizing, arrangements, rule breaking, and whimsy, Salk walks through the process of great design, illustrating how the featured designers made the decisions they did to make these rooms look so great. The book’s encouraging, conversational tone, practical tips and ideas, and quotes by the designers themselves explaining their philosophies empower the reader to create stylish, functional, and unique rooms of their very own."

{© Julia Lynn Designed by Angie Hranowsky}

{© Bjorn Wallander, designed by Annie Brahler}

{Design by Diamond Baratta, pg.158-159}

{© Peter Throsby, designed by Diane Bergeron}

{© Zach DeSart, designed by Celerie Kemble}

{Snapshot from my copy of the book}

{Snapshot from my copy of the book}

Get your copy of Be Your Own Decorator here!


  1. o0o0 time to go pick one up at Barnes and Noble! Thanks for sharing :) xx,
    The Golden Girls

  2. I love the images you chose to show...what great inspiration. I'll pick up that book; it seems like my style and I could use some fresh ideas:)

  3. Wow! That Celerie Kemble space is so gorge! I've never seen a little sofa/settee like refined and chic...NEED to get my copy pronto! Thanks for the tip!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  4. These images are stunning! Will have to check this book out!


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