Monday, March 5, 2012

Quote of the Week

“When it comes to art, buy with your eyes, not your ears. I tried very hard not to ‘decorate’ with art. Art should be reflective of your personality and what’s going on in your head — not reflective of the colors of a sofa.”

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  1. That is a brilliant quote. "Buy with your eyes, not your ears". One can add to buy with your heart.

    Made me happy!

  2. My house is unfortunately running out of wall space... so I buy art for my clients, at auction, galleries etc... I love buying art from emerging artist in the countries where I travel. This quote is right on point, I only buy when i feel an emotional and visual connection.
    great post!

  3. wonderful advice, and lovely chosen images <3

    The Golden Girls

  4. Wise! It is hard not to listen to ones ears, though!

  5. julie, such a great monday quote. as a former fine arts major (painting in particular) i once had a professor that said look at a painting, could you stand it hanging on your own wall, forever? that thought process i think helps a little in purchasing art. you really have to be able to literally live with it.

  6. Brilliant quote. It's so true, art should reflect our personality and our lifestyle, and should never be purchased because the colours match our curtains or our wallpaper.

  7. LOVE the quote! As an artist, it is much appreciated! =)

  8. I love that saying - so true


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