Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inspiration Snapshot

I stumbled across this gorgeous living room and immediately pinned it for inspiration! Designed by Annsley McAleer of Annsley Interiors, this living room is fresh and inviting. The simple color palette really pops against the white walls and beautiful ceiling detail. Notice how she used (2) rugs in the space? It looks like the room has dark hardwood floors and she lightened things up with a large neutral rug then a small accent rug to bring in pattern. I'm always drawn to these colors...they're in my apartment (accented with pops of orange) and similar to what I did for the baby's nursery, which I'll be sharing SOON! What do you like about this space?



  1. oh I have posted this before and love it!! the accent colors around my home are blue and yellow but this makes me want to get rid of the yellow! love the black pattern!

  2. I love the green in that room. It really brightens things!

  3. So pretty and fresh! Definitely a room I would love to read and spend the afternoon lazing around in.

    Cheers, Elizabeth

  4. Fresh combination of colours! So good for this season and summer.

  5. Love the color palette. The green chair is my favorite

  6. *** Hard to say WHICH is a "fave" (I reeeally like it all!), BUUUUT, I mostly L*O*V*E the way just even LOOKING at this space makes me FEEL!!! (One has to SMILE when being there, I'm sure!!!)...

    How much longer til baby-star graces us with his/her presence????

    Linda in AZ *

    1. Linda, baby Thigpen is due on May 13th...less than 3 weeks away! I'm SO ready for him to get here. These last weeks of pregnancy are so uncomfortable! xoxo - julie

  7. I have pinned this same room, also. I love the two shades of blue with the bright green, the mix of textures and patterns, and the light allowed in through the windows. I would take this and put it in my home with no changes!


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