Friday, May 11, 2012

The Height of Chic - Spaces that will Make You Say “Oh, la, la!”

Today I'm happy to have Ashley from the fabulous blog Decorology, as a guest blogger. I love what she has to say about "glamming" up your home - it's so very true. Enjoy!

Every girl needs a little glam right?  Even though I work from home, I still try to put on a little make up or some gorgeous shoes from time to time. The same goes for your abode – neglect it long enough and it shows.  Even if the glam you give your home is small, it can go a long way – and you and your space will look and feel fabulous for it! ~ Ashley

You can’t go wrong with a little touch of metallic either, like these gold dipped goblets and the table base…

A little (or big) pop of bright color in an otherwise “sensible” room screams style and class. 

There are two handy tricks for making a space look luxe in this room. The large gallery canvas adds edge and sophistication, as do the matching sconces. 



  1. That first image that appeared in Abode is STILL one of my most favourite - it's so gorgeously glam. I agree, every space needs a bit of sparkle!

    The post caught my eye as well because I have a blog post called 'Things that make you go oooh' scheduled to appear this morning ;) xxx

  2. Thanks for the feature! I'm so honored Decorology is on Belle Maison!

  3. Julie I see we like the same designs. What stands out to me is the high color contrast which makes each room so interesting. Gorgeous!


    Art by Karena

  4. Loves the bright pops of color- it's always nice to have these little visual reminders on how to keep the home looking snazzy :)

    Eat Cake

  5. Very nice interior. Cool!

  6. This really did make me go 'ooh la la'! Lovely photos. Great blog xx

  7. I love finding ways to make a room design more classy. I love the pops of color that were chosen for these rooms; it seems like our styles are very similar. I absolutely love the yellow studded stool! I would also say touches of chevron print can be a very "ooh la la" touch in a room. What is your favorite piece in these designs?

  8. Diana BiankinJune 03, 2012

    Hi!! On Pinterest (which brings me to this blog). There is a beautiful chandelier ( I'm guessing), with long crystals hanging (lots of them) and some have some bigger glass balls mixed in. There is a bowl of lemons on the table. Does anyone know where I can buy this???? I would be so thankful!! Diana xxx


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