Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reader Makeover: New Life for an Old Loveseat

Today's reader makeover was sent in by Annie. I love what she's done with an old, dated looking loveseat! It's amazing what a difference new fabric can do for a worn-out piece of upholstery! Have you tried this on any of your own furniture? In Annie's words, here's how she transformed this piece...

I'm an interior designer specializing in textiles in Auckland, New Zealand. I bought the sofa via TradeMe (New Zealands' 'Ebay') and had covered in Quadrille's Lyford Background in Raspberry. I am the distributor for the Quadrille Fabrics range for New Zealand and Australia so the choice of fabric was somewhat predetermined! I had the sad foam seat cushions replaced and plumped with down which I am really pleased with. The upholsterer I use is fabulous and takes so much pride in his work which helps too! This is my favourite part of my design business...clients coming to me and saying they need a new sofa as they can't stand their current one. Most of the time, a good upholsterer to fix the integrity of the sofa and a fresh fabric transforms it into what they wanted. I figure that they bought that sofa in the first place because they liked it may have been because it fit the budget too, but that's where a good upholsterer can make good on cheap cushions and make them comfortable. Thank you also for the opportunity to be a part of this! ~ Annie



Thanks for sharing Annie! Stay tuned for more reader makeovers on Belle Maison.



  1. !!! Great transformation! So beautiful the colour and the design of the textile! I like it :)

  2. Beautiful! I've got an old loveseat that I have been wanting to reupholster, too... inspiration!

  3. AnonymousMay 24, 2012


  4. Wow that fabric is just unbelieveable! Love it! xxx

  5. Beautiful fabric and shape of the sofa!


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