Friday, July 13, 2012

Belle Cuisine: Summer Salads

Summer is a wonderful time to make colorful, fresh salads with seasonal produce, especially from your local farmer's market. On super HOT days, I love whipping up a big salad for lunch or dinner. But lately, I've been making the same 2 or 3 salads I always make and decided it's time to find some new recipes. Here are several that I can't wait to try! What about you? Do you enjoy salad in the summer? Any other recipes you'd like to share? Happy Friday and have a lovey weekend. xoxo - Julie



  1. AnonymousJuly 13, 2012

    So Yammy...! Great menu for the summer

  2. I'm suddenly feeling very hungry,one of each,please:)!

  3. The salads looks delicious! I am a Swedish interior design blogger and I just find your blog, consider yourself bookmarked. (My blog is in Swedish but my iPad-magazine is in English.)
    Have a nice day // Frida

  4. My fiance is a huge salad eater so he'll be extra happy to come home to one of these!
    Come check out the things going on at :)

  5. those salads look so yummy. I am hungry now!
    I make a salad that is refreshing and supper good. I use greens, tomato, craisins, avocado, uncooked english peas and rotisserie chicken. You can really put anything in it but what makes it is the dressing. I use extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, little bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper and mint chopped up from my garden. After writing all of this, I think I will make it this week. I will plan to make one of yours too:)

  6. There really is nothing like a nice salad in the summer. No need to turn on the stove!


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