Friday, July 27, 2012

Bits of My Summer

So far, I've had a pretty great summer. It's been much different this year with a new baby, but we've still managed to do some fun things. We've been to the beach, had family and friends over for barbecues on warm summer nights, and went on our first family vacation (took Luke on an airplane @ 9 weeks and he did great!). Here are a few snippets of how I've been spending my summer days. What have you been up to? Have a wonderful weekend! xo - Julie

{First family vacation to beautiful Bend, Oregon}

{Frequent walks to Starbucks with Luke for iced coffee on hot days}

{Getting Luke to smile and baby talk back to me - we have so much fun!}

{Watching my little man blossom into a healthy (15 lb!) 3 month old} 

 {Spending lots of time with family. Luke with his cousins}

{Grilling out on our balcony on warm summer evenings}



  1. I have a good friend that lives in that area, beautiful country!

  2. hi julie! luke is so gorgeous, and i loved seeing these summer pictures. thanks for sharing and have a really relaxing weekend ;)

  3. That baby is just the cutest! Oh those cheeks!

  4. He is absolutely adorable! I mean seriously, one of the cutest!

  5. OMG! Luke is so adorable I could just pinch those cheeks and you look fabulous for having a baby 3 months ago! Glad your summer has been great!

  6. Your baby is adorable.

  7. So lovely to see these cute snaps into your summer fun times! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. Luke sure is a cutie! Such a hansome little guy. Cute little star wars jumper. It`s fun to see the photos of him.


  9. thank you for all of your sweet comments about my son :) i love sharing him with you!

  10. Mariella BenedettiJuly 31, 2012

    How beautiful is your family! And you are in a good shape só fast I holp happens the same with me! I am 23th weeks do you have any tip to get back in shape? I love your blog!


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