Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where to Shop: Relique

When it comes to designing a space, it's always fun to throw in something vintage or antique to add character and interest. How many of you enjoy shopping flea markets or estate sales for hidden treasures?! I sure do! Unfortunately, I don't always have the time to scour sales on the weekends...which is why I absolutely adore the online shop Relique. The team at Relique shops all over the world for unique pieces to bring directly to you, many of which are salvaged, repurposed and / or recycled by artisans.

Let me tell you, their selection of amazing accessories has my head spinning! I especially like using vintage accents when I'm decorating bookcases. Interesting objects from the past look fantastic mixed with stacks of books and new accessories. Salvaged wooden crates are also a staple decorating item of mine - they're perfect for planting out and placing on a large cocktail table or as stylish storage for a home office or craft room. What do you look for when shopping for vintage / vintage inspired decor? Check out some of my favorite discoveries from Relique...

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"Otherwise forgotten or ignored pieces of our history now have new life as display pieces and bring with them a greater appreciation of the past to our generation." - Relique 

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Vintage and repurposed furniture, wall decor and lighting are also fun to incorporate into interiors. I'm loving the yellow Tolix-style Steel Garden Chair (shown above). Wouldn't it be fun to place several of these around a wooden table in a kitchen nook? And the Westwood Lane metal sign?! Love it. Click here to shop Relique and discover some of your own favorite treasures...and be sure to take advantage of the exclusive discount they're offering all Belle Maison readers

*This post has been sponsored by Relique, a Premiere Sponsor on Belle Maison. All thoughts, opinions and product selections are my own!
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  1. This is amazing! I try to venture to antique shops as much as possible so this is right up my alley!
    So happy you shared!

    1. So glad you found this helpful! Relique is pretty amazing :)

  2. I love vintage finds! I always feel that this is the one thing that can be missing from rooms I see. I don't like the feel of everything being new and shiny in a room,vintage or antique finds add such character and patina to a room!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great site!


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