Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspiration Snapshot: Classy + Feminine Workspace

How beautiful is this office space? The blue chinoiserie wall mural seriously "makes" whole design! Other highlights: the quartz table lamp, elegant ivory desk, gold sequin pillow on the slipcovered wingback chair, the dramatic silk drapes and the sisal rug for a layer of texture. I think I'd be super productive if my home office looked like this! Are you loving this space as much as I am?!



  1. Great idea dear ! I have a small office room this it a bunch mark for me now I am also plane to decorate the office from your's. Thanks

  2. Love this work space! So gorgeous!


  3. This is beautiful but I'm suspicious. Where are all the wires and junk that come with computers, printers etc? Turn the camera around and let's see the other side of the room! :D (but I wish my study could look like that.)

  4. Haha, yes they never show all the wires and cables in the photos. This desk is oh so pretty. Any idea where it is from?

  5. I love that wallpaper! xx. McKenna Lou

  6. What a beautiful soothing color combination. I love everything about this room.


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