Monday, January 21, 2013

Quote of the Week

"Simplicity is a bit of a misnomer, really. In trying to achieve it in design (and in life), it's actually quite complex. It takes a lot of effort to look effortless, but it is definitely worth the struggle, because when seeing it, tasting it, or feeling its effects, its simply wonderful."

- Barbara Barry, Around Beauty

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Hope you had a great weekend. Wishing you a happy and productive week!


  1. I really love white and beige in home design, but with kids, they're is now way I can use those colors. Beautiful pictures you have.

  2. I love that lamp!! The gold globe bottom is perfect! xx. McKenna Lou

  3. The first room is amazing. So elegant and chic yet comfortable.

  4. Love those black and white graphic throw pillows!

  5. I love the simplistic 'natural' look, it creates a blank canvas, but you're right, you have to think carefully how you dress a room. Picture one is my fav, so serene and peaceful, the stunning chandelier and the beautiful dressing screen complete the room, adding charm and character and not overdoing it, the print wall paper is gorgeous and adds warmth and texture. I also like picture five, the colour burst from the sofa is great, a key focal piece to finish a style that could otherwise feel cold. Fab pictures.


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