Thursday, February 21, 2013

Inspiration Snapshot: Clever Art + TV Wall

Wall mounting a flat screen TV looks great, but what do you do when there's a ton of extra wall space around it? Depending on how high your ceilings are and the size of your TV, creating a gallery wall around your flat screen may be just the solution. The TV in this space almost disappears with the interesting art prints surrounding it. Clean lines and simple frames keep the wall from looking overdone and cluttered. I also love the kelly green console - what a fabulous pop of color! What do you think about this idea? Is your TV wall mounted or on a stand?




  1. There's a typo in your title...

  2. oops! thanks for letting me know :) typo fixed.

  3. the green looks fab!!
    And it looks very clever, i like your 'gallery' idea, hmmm it's depressing how dull and boring my TV area is in comparison!

    Keep warm,
    Wander Bug .com

  4. What a great post! This makes the T.V. look like it is part of the artwork. I love this. xx. McKenna Lou

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    Here's the link:

  5. That`s a good idea, my wall seems so...unfinished yet, but my TV has a frame:) see here:

  6. I wish they would have used more black mats so the black TV would match a little more, but it is a great idea.
    Elizabeth McKnight

  7. Just bought a tv yesterday and it's on a stand. I too debated about doing this but I think I'm just going to lean one very large piece of art and a smaller one behind it and call it a day.


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