Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quote of the Week

"A wholehearted home frames the complex patterns of living, while leaving room for individual experience. It should have plenty of natural light, require the minimum of maintenance, and yet be warm and comfortable. Our homes should grow with us. Life isn't fixed, so spaces can't be, either."

- Ilse Crawford, Home Is Where The Heart Is

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  1. I love the fifth photo! :)

  2. Pictures 4 and 5 have charm to me. 4 looks like they travel and have collected pieces that have a special meaning. 5 looks like the owners decorated with the high-low approach; and I think they did it well.
    Pictures 1 and 2 look a little to Martha Stewart Staged Room for me :(
    Oh but back to pic 5; I also love an off centered chandelier!

    Elizabeth McKnight


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