Friday, March 1, 2013

'Five Things' Friday

Can you believe it's March already?! My son Luke will be 10 months old's crazy how fast time goes by, especially with a baby. I hope you have a wonderful weekend - anything fun planned? Enjoy! xoxo - Julie

One. This space makes me happy! The rustic wooden trough filled with fresh blooms is just gorgeous! And the tufted benches and crystal chandeliers? Heaven. [Image via The Party Dress]

Two. I'm obsessed with the custom watercolor painting created by Black Crow Studios for this beautiful office space designed by Abbe Fenimore.

Three. I had a ton of shopping to do this week for a project install and took along my little assistant Luke. This one ended with two carts full of goods! [Follow me on Instagram: juliethigpen]

Four. Such a great idea to spruce up a staircase! It would also look great keeping the paint colors more subtle if you don't want to go so bold. [Image via Pinterest]

Five. This DIY project "Faking Photo Canvases" is one I'd love to try! Blogger Chelsea created this entire wall of "canvases" for around $40. Go here for details.



  1. I can't believe it's March either! February just flew by. The first image is just lovely. The flowers and colors have me dreaming of spring!

  2. Love this week's 5 and that picture of Luke is adorable! Happy Weekend!

  3. What amazing pics... the table wood d├ęcor is simply lovely and perfect... and I'm also loving the chevron on the stairs! Oh my!

  4. Love it all! And I just love your Blog and work.

    All the best,


  5. The chevron staircase - love! That is a great idea.
    I also love the 4 tufted benches in the dining room...I think I may copy this idea for my dining room that I am currently working on.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. That watercolor in the first shot is just gorgeous! I saw an original piece that's similar with brilliant bright colors:

  7. I love all these pics! What great finds:) That office is amazing and I've never thought of that idea for staircases, such a good one!


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