Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Going Bold: Graphic Rugs

When it comes to area rugs, do you prefer a bold print on the floor or something a more subtle? I tend to gravitate toward rugs with large patterns for the floor...I think because they often "anchor" a space and make such a statement. Don't get me wrong, solid and textured rugs definitely have their place and can look beautiful in the right interior, but there's just something about a graphic rug that really does it for me! Here are a few fantastic examples of interiors centered around a bold rug. The key is to balance all that pattern with the right upholstery, pillows and accents. I have a large gray and white chevron rug in my living room and I love it! What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a graphic patterned rug in your home?

[A fabulous pattern in muted colors against a soft gray wall keeps this space from feeling too busy]

[I feel like this Greek key rug really "makes" the entire space! Because of the white walls, a plain rug probably would've made the space a little on the boring side]

[This herringbone print spices up an otherwise neutral / plain jane space]

[The bold print on the floor gives this traditional interior a modern feel]

[This rug works really well alongside the sofa pattern because it's much larger in scale. That's the trick - mix it up with large, medium and small patterns!]

[I feel like you can never go wrong with a bold stripe, especially if it's black and white! This classic pattern really adds a fun pop to this cute living room]

[Sometimes "more is more"! The graphic rug ties the entire space together and looks amazing]



  1. It probably depends on the room. For my main living room Iv got a plain colour so that other patterns dont clash with it, but in my study Iv got a bold black and white pattern and love it.

  2. I love a great printed rug.
    All of these rooms are gorgeous!

  3. The patterns really stand out, very pretty!

  4. I love bold graphic rugs. I find they can really add to a space.

  5. Great picks! I really like the Greek key in particular :)

  6. Depends on the space, but if I have a choice I would go for bigger patterns. They make a statement.
    Zoe xxx

  7. This post has inspired me! I've been thinking about going bold on the floor for a while, but I'm fighting my urge to stay safe and neutral. Thanks!

  8. Love all of these rug choices! You always find the best inspiration pictures! Thanks for sharing:)



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