Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bored with Your Decor? Try Something New!

A little bored with your current decor? Spring is the perfect time to add new life to a stale space. My advice is to be open to change, think outside the box and just go for it! We get so stuck in our ways and sometimes it helps to take a step back and really look at things with a fresh eye. Just don't over-think things too much. Decide what you want and make it happen! Here are several ideas that will get you inspired to love your home again. What other ways would you spruce  up your decor?

Colored Upholstery - ditch your neutral sofa for a vibrant upholstered piece, which will bring a sleepy room to life! [Image via UrbanComfort]

Create a Bar Cart - I'm waiting for the day we have enough space for a real bar cart! Pull out all of your favorite tumblers, decanters, bottles of liquor, and fun accents and style a bar cart or console table to look cocktail ready at a moments notice. If you don't drink alcohol, you could stock the cart with pretty bottles of lemonade, sparkling water and other non-alcoholic beverages for a refreshing summer drink. [Image via Emily Henderson]

Paint an Accent Wall - Just go for it and paint one wall in your home a crazy color, like peacock blue or lime could change your life, seriously. And if you hate it, it's only paint! [Image via Lonny Mag]

Go White - If you've been living with lots of color or beige walls, perhaps it's time to make a drastic change and go all white! I'll admit, pulling off crisp white interiors is no easy task, but when done right, it can be a fresh and uplifting update to a stale space. [Image via Adore Home April/May issue]

Chalkboard Paint Accent Wall - Great for kids or adults! Turn an awkward wall in your kitchen or office into a functional spot to write notes, reminders, etc. [Image via Caitlin Wilson Design / Style Files]

Add Indoor Plants - There's nothing like adding a few fresh green plants to a space. Greenery does wonders for a lifeless, boring room. Scared of killing them? I found this helpful article on the 8 best plants to grow indoors. [Image via Pinterest]

Glam Up Your Closet - This spare room was converted into a dressing room - the best idea ever! But if you don't have an extra room to spare, try sprucing up your closet space. Even a little paint on the walls and/or ceiling, a cool rug or small chandelier can make a world of difference. [Image via Adore Home April/May issue / p.61]

New Art + Accent Pillows - Two of the easiest ways to make a dramatic change! Switch out your current pillows for some fresh new ones in unexpected colors and prints. Get some new art on the walls, whether it's a piece you purchase or a DIY canvas. [Image via Caitlin Wilson Design]

Paint Your Front Door - I would LOVE to have a coral front door, wouldn't you?! If you can't paint your front door, try painting an interior door. [Image via Pinterest]


  1. super ideas!!!gongrats :)))

    DECOlife <3

  2. hey julie! great post! i'm well, just finished my last graduate course and will begin my thesis this summer. so i feel an insane sense of accomplishment as well as insane ;)loving the look of your new blog layout, really fun and really pretty...

  3. Love your inspirational ideas...especially "Glam up the Closet"!


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