Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Color Love :: Mint Green

Lately I've been loving the color mint green and am noticing it everywhere. This retro color has made a comeback in a fresh and modern way. The great thing about mint green is that it pairs nicely with just about any color: yellow, fuchsia, orange, blue, green, red...and it also looks gorgeous accented with metallic gold, brass, pewter or silver. It can be used for large scale projects like kitchen cabinets or bedroom walls, or it can be used as more of an accent with furniture and accessories - either way, it looks fabulous. Mint green ranges from a very pale / pastel green to a richer blue / green. This versatile color is soothing, refreshing and just plain beautiful! How do you feel about mint green? (P.S. - the winner of last weeks OKL gift card is announced at the end of this post!)

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  1. My husband and I decided oniony green as the accent color for our living room and we have had such a tough time finding pieces in this color! I can't even express how much I appreciate you posting this!

    1. fabulous! so glad you found this post helpful :)

  2. I would love to use this color somehow somewhere in my house...looks amazing with a touch of gold:)



  3. Gorgeous kitchen! Mint can be lovely, just need to be weary that it doesn't verge into hospital wall territory...

  4. i love the richer green with less white and more color- the way it adds richness to the pink chairs in photo 3. I do love it as a version of white too and have done my beach home in that shade: it reads white with the barest hint of the sea. Great post! Fabulous Photos; you have such a good eye!
    XX, Elle @

    1. thanks elle! i agree with you on the richer green with more color :)

    2. Hi Julie!

      First, um mint has been my color-obsession for a while now! Thanks for the post and inspiration! Loving the wall color with pink fabric chairs!
      Second, I think I'm the 'Lindsay comment 14' who won the OKL contest from last week?!!! Ahh :) I didn't receive an email...should I have?
      My email is
      Thanks again for your ever-so-fab inspirations :)


  5. This is my absolute favorite color right now - nails, dresses and now home decor. Love it. I am clipping the green with the pink furniture for my future dressing room!


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