Monday, June 17, 2013

Decorating with Art + Exciting Design Contest!

Hello and welcome back to a brand new week. Today I'm excited to be partnering up with Olioboard and Zatista to announce an exciting contest that you'll definitely want to be a part of...
Announcing The Zatista Picture Perfect Design Contest. Simply create virtual room on Olioboard, using at least one art piece from the Zatista collection as a central focus for the room design. One lucky winner will be selected by me, the guest judge, and will win a $750 gift card to Zatista! Now, my dear readers, I know most of you are just as obsessed with design as I am, so I figured this would be a challenge you'd be up for.

So, are you ready to create an amazing space for the chance to win an art shopping spree? I sure hope so! To get started, you'll need to sign up for a free account with Oliboard. For this contest, they're offering all Belle Maison readers (4) Months FREE use of the upgraded Olioboard Pro Plan. Use code oliobellemaison.

To help get your creative juices flowing, I've put together some tips and tricks I've picked up along the way as a design professional on designing and styling a space with art. Best of luck to you all! [Please see official contest rules & details at the bottom of this post]

 Decorating With Art
    The Gallery Wall: Eclectic - I absolutely love a beautifully curated gallery wall. It's a fantastic way to fill a large wall, especially in a living room or entry, allowing you to showcase some of your favorite artwork. So, where do you begin when creating a gallery wall? If you like the look of the "eclectic" art wall, you can select pieces that that don't necessarily "go together." Mix it up with paintings, photographs, prints, etc. - have fun with it. Just be sure to incorporate a good  balance of all shapes and sizes. If you select too many small pieces, it could end up looking cluttered. Lastly, mix up the frame styles and/or finishes. [Image via Angie Hranowsky]

    The Gallery Wall: Classic - If you like order and symmetry, this option is the way to go. Either go with a series of photographs or artwork, or mix and match different pieces - just make sure they are all the same size and in matching frames. [Image Source]

    The Unexpected - Art doesn't always have to match or even coordinate with your space. Sometimes it can be a fun way to throw in the unexpected to keep things from feeling monotonous. This bold abstract painting in a cottage style setting is a bit of a surprise, but it totally works! [Image via Andrew Howard Interiors]

    The Art Series - Grouping together a series of images, especially in a set of 3, looks simple and fresh while still creating impact. These prints really tie the entire room together, don't they?! [Image via Style at Home]

    The Portrait: What a beautiful feminine space! The portrait really sets the tone and keeps things feeling ultra sophisticated. It's flanked by two gorgeous gold leaf sconces, which help to create balance and give that added touch of glam. A great idea for above a fireplace as well. [Image via Woodson & Rummerfield]

    The Eclectic Grouping - This stylish little vignette is a great example of how just a few of the right pieces of art can really tie a space together. A great idea especially for a small space in a hallway, foyer or bedroom. [Image Source]

    The Art Inspired Room - One great way to begin designing a space is to start with a single piece of art, such as a colorful painting, and then work from that piece to pull out 3 to 4 colors to build your color scheme. It's pretty much a fool proof way to coordinate fabric, paint colors and accents! [Image via Kelly Wearstler]

     Contest Details

    • The Zatista Picture Perfect Design Contest 
    • Contest Launch Date: June 17th 2013 
    • Contest Close Date: July 8th 2013 
    • Requirements for Entries: 
    • Must include at least one art piece from the Zatista collection as a central focus for the room design. 
    • Open to Residents of: United States or Canada 
    • Prizes: 1st place gets a $750 Zatista gift card.


    1. I absolutely love art and gallery walls! We are in the process of moving, and won't be settled for a few more weeks.. but, I am already putting together pieces of art for a gallery wall.


    2.! This just made my week! I've been wanting to find and create one of these boards, but wasn't sure where to start?!
      Obsessed. New creative outlet! :)



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