Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Slipcovered Upholstery :: Yes or No?

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs, Centsational Girl, and she recently did a post on her experience with slipcovers. I've honestly never really considered slipcovered upholstery for my home or for my clients - for some reason I've always thought of it as a great concept, but can you really wash the covers and have them come out looking fresh and new, time after time? It sounds to good to be true! However, after reading Kate's post and how much she adores her slipcovers, especially with kids and pets, I'm starting to look at the whole slipcovered idea in a new light. The first photo below is of her living room sofa, which she's had for 5 years, and washed a million times. Still looks pretty great to me! With my 13 month old son, I'm starting to look around at different options for upholstery in our home, especially the dining room chairs (I'm on the hunt for new ones). Maybe a slipcovered piece is the way to go?In addition to the functionality of it, there are plenty of really great looking slipcover options out there. Please share with me your experiences with slipcovered furniture - love it / hate it? I'd love to hear from you on this topic!

Well, I'm heading off to Salt Lake City this morning for a project install. It'll be my first time to Utah and I'm looking forward to it! I'll share the project and bits from my trip on Friday.




  1. I have had my custom made slipcover sofa for 5 years also and I love it, the slipcover wash really well by using a No Dye detergent and comes out looking like new, I have a solid off white for spring and summer and a solid demin plush brown for fall and winter. Thinking about ordering a print fabric as well!
    Love your blog! Daily read!

    1. Thanks for the tips Annette! And thank you for visiting my blog daily :) xoxo

  2. I have never been a fan of slipcovers and always though "grandmas" when people talked about slipcovers. But, recently I have noticed some friends using slipcovers and I am loving how it looks for them. My husband and I are in the process of moving, and our couch is a green color. Regardless, I'm kind of getting tired of the green, but it's a super comfy couch. I was thinking white... so I might look into the slipcover idea :)


  3. I prefer the "just say no" approach. No food, no snacks, no drinks, no sippy cups. Teach your family to eat in the kitchen. I'm guessing the TV can be easily viewed from the eating areas. Good upholstery always wins over good slip cover.

  4. i have never been a fan of slip covers. I do think done right it can look very nice, but just not for me.

    xo Danai
    Life in My Fab Lane

  5. I love the “washability” of mine. It has come in very handy over the years. The only thing that annoys me about my particular cover is that it's so hard to keep the skirt looking crisp. (I'm not a fan of the relaxed and wrinkled look.) For me, the best of both worlds would be an upholstered sofa that has durable, washable cushion covers.

  6. The light in these rooms is great - it definitely makes the light colors have life!


  7. I was surprised when I saw this trend at both IKEA and Pottery Barn. I understand the functionality of the slipcover, but personally, it looks messy to me. My mind says "Slipcover = old couch that needs to be hidden."


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