Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Updates :: Colorful & Bold Accent Pillows

I recently received the following email and thought I'd share it on the blog today, since I'm sure many of you might be wondering the same thing!

     Q. "I'm looking to update my decor for summer and would like to do so with a few new accent pillows. Do you have any suggestions on where I can find fun, modern pillows that won't cost me a fortune? Thanks so much!" - Grace B.

     A. Hi Grace! Yes, there are many places you can find awesome, quality pillows without emptying your bank account. Accents pillows are a wonderful way to cheer up your decor during the summer months. Try mixing it up with a few different prints for a fresh new look. Below are some of my favorite finds, along with links to several great resources. Good luck! xo - Julie



1. Rosa Mandarin Throw Pillow via Etsy / The Throw Pillow People
3. Cortez Pillow via ZGallerie
4. Yellow Chevron Pillow via Etsy / Pillomatic
7. La Mer White Outdoor Pillow via Crate & Barrel
10. Diamond Bargello Silk Pillow via West Elm
11. Gunnison Toss Pillow via Target

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  1. I love pillows! I think they are a great way to update and refresh any room on the cheap. I also think that pillows can make a room look entirely different than it did before! I currently have some gorgeous orange and white pillows (kind of like #3) that I am thinking of tossing on a light-ish green couch!



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