Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Styled Kitchen

I recently started doing some contract work for a design firm I worked for several years ago, before branching out on my own. I'm working on designing and accessorizing several model homes, which is kind of a dream job. You get to design each model from top to bottom, from specs & paint to custom bedding, art, draperies, linens and my favorite, styling. The best part is that you get to design with more freedom than residential clients usually allow. You don't have to get approval on EVERY SINGLE thing, which allows you get more creative and each job is usually completed and installed in 2 - 3 months, tops. This week I've been shopping like a crazy person to get ready for an install I have next week in Utah. I've been racking my brain for some fresh ideas on styling the kitchen, so what better place to turn to for inspiration than Pinterest?! ;) I'm loving all of the layering going on in several of these kitchens, along with the mixture of wood, ceramic and glass. What do you have going on in your kitchen?


  1. Beautiful pictures, my actual kitchen is not my dream space at all, in my dream world I am loving the white tiles as in pic 5, I love white - its so clean and fresh and colour can be easily introduced by adding rustic style furniture in soft pastel tones as in 2nd pic and adding solid wood work tops really breaks up hard lines and adds warmth and style. Dressers seem en trend at the moment, another great way to add colour and pattern, rather than shutting away your beautiful crockery - display it for all to see.

  2. Lovely inspiration. I recently 'styled' a little shelf in our kitchen with some of my favourite things, and it's just a that something extra to make me smile. Kitchen's don't have to be just for cooking anymore :)

  3. the kitchen has to be my favourite room in the house; it's always where the party ends up happening and it's usually the room where so many family memories are made. That's why I love bright warm colours in the kitchen - it just adds to that homey feeling.

    ps. sounds like a dream job!

  4. AnonymousJune 13, 2013

    The settings in the pics look great! Looking at them and admiring: yes. Living in a kitchen like those: no. Simply because some suggestions are pretty impractical.
    F. ex.:
    #1: love the idea with the basket, but you always have to remove everything that you can clean it. *grumble*
    #3: everything above your stove will get sticky because of the dust-steam combination.
    #4: the hooks will cause scratches in your porcelain. Not nice at all.
    Else, the pics are just wonderful eyecandies :)

    xoxo Baya

  5. As long as they respect your opinion and let "you" the expert make the decisions and not change them! Grrrrr nothing can make me more mad!

    Love your inspiration!

  6. I would love to just design kitchens. My favorite place in the house usually - I adore cooking. I cannot wait to own my house house and make all of the pretty stylish touches to the kitchen area. :)

  7. your blog is EVERYTHING! love it, so glad i stumbled across it!


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