Friday, August 16, 2013

'Five Things' Friday - The Jeanne Chung Edition

Hello there!  It's Jeanne stopping by again from Cozy•Stylish•Chic - this time giving you a peek into what 's rocking my world these days as I bring you my version of "Five Things Friday"  

Moroccan inspired room with a modern edge
 ONEMoroccan inspired interiors with a modern edge
There are plenty of Moroccan inspired rooms out there, but what I love about this particular room is the amount of white used and the splashes of bright, happy color throughout the room.  It is clean, fresh, and has a nice balance between the ethnic and the modern.  Not very often do I see ethnic Moroccan lanterns paired up with a bright orange Eames task chair!

TWO - Beaded and embellished espadrilles
Today I came across this absolutely adorable pair of amped up espadrilles.  I LOVE espadrilles. Real AUTHENTIC espadrilles - the kind with the rope soles and hand stitching. If anyone knows who makes this particular pair, please let me know, as I so desperately need them.  The color, the beading, and the ties are to die for!  

West Elm shibori and indigo tie dye pillows
 THREE - West Elm Indigo Tie Dye and Shibori Pillows
Last weekend I dragged my entire family to West Hollywood to check out the West Elm store to take a look at beds.  I'm in the process of transitioning my son from his juvenile bedroom to one that will last him until he takes off for college - one that will have to last 10 years!  While at West Elm,  I spotted these indigo dyed pillows.  I have been seeing a lot of shibori and indigo tie dye lately, and I fell in love with these pillows not only because they looked amazing, but they were also surprisingly affordable - not  one of these is over $35. Style and value - that's a no brainer in my book!

Orange and Fuchsia inspiration
 FOUR - My favorite color combo at the moment - Orange and Fuchsia
I've always been a huge fan of orange and fuchsia together.  As a matter of fact, the tunic shown above is from the last collection of swim wear coverups I designed.  I wore the same exact tunic today but in fuchsia with orange embroidery (and with white jeans).  If you were to take a peek into my closet, there's a whole lot of orange and fuchsia happening in there!  If I had a daughter, her bedroom would probably be decorated in orange and fuchsia, but I don't, which is why I like to wear it whenever I can.  
 Photo credits: 1.  Indulgy  // 2.  Kim Salmela pillows photographed by me at High Point Market 3.Coeurtunic, Summer 2013 // 4.  Pinterest // 5.  Surya fuchsia pouf // 6.  Surya orange pouf
FIVE - The Color+Plus Lighting Collection from Lamps Plus
 Saving the best for last, everyone who knows me knows that I love color and I love options, which is why I am thrilled with the new Color+ Plus program at Lamps Plus.  A few weeks ago while in San Francisco for Alt Summit, I was invited by Lamps Plus to attend the unveiling of their freshly launched Color+Plus program, a made to order lamp collection which consists of 100+ colors. Yes, that's right - 100+ colors!  The lamps can be ordered online or at any one of the Lamps Plus stores throughout the country. Pick your lamp and color, then your base and shade, and in a matter of a few weeks your custom designed lamp will arrive. Each lamp is handcrafted and assembled in California and prices range as low as $39.99 up to $299.99 and all Color+Plus lamps include free shipping.  How easy is that?  
Color+Plus color chart
Oh, but I'm not done yet - it gets better!  While at the unveiling, I picked up the PR booklet for  the Color+Plus lamp collection in which Lamps Plus recruited design influencers around the country to pick their favorite Color+Plus Combination to showcase, and look who I came across being showcased - Belle Maison's own JULIE THIGPEN with the lamp combination that she picked!!! 

Julie Thigpen/Lamps Plus
On that note, have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you back soon.  Until then, be sure to stop by and visit me at Cozy•Stylish•Chic.  Cheers!


  1. darling shoes! although, i wonder if the beading would make me feel like there were little bugs on my feet- i just came in from my yard where the mosquitoes carried me away, can you tell?:)

  2. Hi! My guess is the espadrille and the beading are separate entities. You could get a flat espadrille anywhere (JCrew sells them for $32). The beaded piece looks like a barefoot sandal....check out GP Yoga on etsy. She makes them and they are gorgeous! Would perfectly recreate the look of those shoes in the picture you posted! :o) hope that helps!!


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