Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Five Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

I'm working on accessories for a model home project and am in need of some coffee table styling inspiration. I myself don't have a table in my living room...the leg broke on our previous one and we never replaced it because of our (then) baby, now toddler. I look forward to the day we can have one again that I can actually accessorize without everything being pulled off and thrown around the room! Until then, I'll have to get my fix through design projects. If you're looking to change things up a bit for the fall season on your coffee table, here are five ideas on how to arrange and style different accessories and objects. What do you prefer to have on your table?

 Small stacks of pretty books, each topped with a shell or small object, accented with a vase of flowers or live plant. [image source]

 A long narrow tray holds decorative objects and stacks of magazines placed behind the tray give balance. [image source]

 I love the idea of placing a large tray underneath the coffee table to hold extra books! [image via west elm]

 Classic and simple - an oversized tray holds stacked books, glass hurricanes and interesting objects. The key to a set-up like this is to stagger the heights of each object.  [image source]

 Another oversized tray with simple candles, a vase of flowers and stacked books. I like the little glass jar holding matches - functional and chic! [image source]


  1. The first one is my favourite :)

  2. I like the presentation of the trays with stacked items inside of them. I especially like the simple and classic one with the hurricanes.

  3. All truly great!! A style for each individual taste, very nice picks!!

  4. Super nice. I have a round coffee table that is dark wood and glass. Your first arrangement shows me how I can leave a few books on the table without being cluttered.

  5. ohhhh I love #2!! already added to my pinterest board!


  6. Number 2 is my favorite, but I love them all! Great inspirations!


  7. ooh love them all. i love mixing some useful things and some pretty/display things so it doesn't look TOO styled.

  8. I love beautifully styled trays placed on coffee tables. The first and the last ones are my favorites, I have a similar one in my home office. I always keep fashion mags, books, candles and flowers there, it makes my breaks feel more special :) Kay xxx


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