Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Home Office Design Challenge :: Function vs. Style

Is is really possible to have both? A functional home office that meets all of your needs but that also looks amazing and beautiful? Let's be honest here - my desk looks like a huge disaster about 90% of the time and rarely does my workspace look all nice and tidy like the photos we see of "real people's" office spaces on Pinterest, etc. Anyone else feel the same way?

Anyway, my husband and I have been slowly tearing apart and our one-bedroom apartment; dismantling things, purging boxes of "stuff", moving furniture around, etc., all for the safety and comfort of our 16 month old son. We've lived in this place for 6 years and right now it looks like we just moved in. The giant Expedit bookcase from IKEA, which I've used for work in our dining room / my home office for the last few years, has been taken down so we can create a fresh new family / work / tech space to better fit our growing needs. We're getting rid of my old desk and purchasing new ones, along with chairs and everything else so my husband and I can both have a nice organized place to work! (I MADE him clear out his "man" corner in our living room, which was an absolute nightmare - seriously. It's now our sons "play area"). We now have an expansive amount of wall space above our desks and it's up to me to come up with a functional yet beautiful design for it. Here are some inspiring spaces I found that have sparked some ideas. What are your thoughts on home office organization?

Love the shelving which provides plenty of space for magazine holders, books, etc. The mesh wall mount files are another great way to keep mail, etc. sorted. Not to mention the beautiful blue wall that appears to be some sort of bulletin board! [Image Source]

Again, shelving to provide extra storage. The cork board is great too for pinning inspiration, fabric swatches, photos, etc. [Image Source]

The chunky framed bulletin board is fabulous! Definitely adding this to my list of things I need. I also like the simple white frames (IKEA) with family photos. [Image Source]

More shelving and woven baskets. Love the eclectic mix of vintage and modern decor! [Image Source]

Cute wire baskets to sort paperwork. The map cork board is fun too. [Image Source]

Fresh, clean, organized and stylish! [Image Source]

Pottery Barn is a good source for wall organization ideas. I like the concept of all of the different boards for scheduling, notes, reminders, etc. [Image Source]

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  1. love the one with the white covered chair! great photos!

    The Casual Classic

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your source images! Great examples of function meeting fashion. I especially liked the office with the long pine board as the surface and then cabinet files underneath for the base. Great ideas!


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