Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inspired Color Palette :: Bright & Colorful Bohemian Chic

Inspiration is everywhere and if you have a creative mind, you can spot inspiration in just about everything that crosses your path (or at least I do!). For me, it can be a pile of autumn leaves against bright green grass, an old worn out building on a street corner, an amazing sunset...and the list goes on. I came across this beautiful flower arrangement on Pinterest and immediately thought it would make an amazing color palette. So I set out to find interiors that would reflect the beautiful range of colors if these flowers were transformed into a space. The style that seems to fit this palette best is a mix of bohemian chic and eclectic modern. I'd love to work with this design scheme on a future project! Where do you find your color inspiration?

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  1. I love this color pallete! It looks so girly and so happy!


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