Wednesday, December 18, 2013

BM 2013 Archives: Going Bold with Graphic Rugs

Today I'm continuing to share posts that were popular with my fabulous group of readers in 2013, while I'm away on business in Arizona for the week. Enjoy and please feel free to comment - I love hearing your thoughts!

[Repost] When it comes to area rugs, do you prefer a bold print on the floor or something a more subtle? I tend to gravitate toward rugs with large patterns for the floor...I think because they often "anchor" a space and make such a statement. Don't get me wrong, solid and textured rugs definitely have their place and can look beautiful in the right interior, but there's just something about a graphic rug that really does it for me! Here are a few fantastic examples of interiors centered around a bold rug. The key is to balance all that pattern with the right upholstery, pillows and accents. I have a large gray and white chevron rug in my living room and I love it! What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a graphic patterned rug in your home?

[A fabulous pattern in muted colors against a soft gray wall keeps this space from feeling too busy]

[I feel like this Greek key rug really "makes" the entire space! Because of the white walls, a plain rug probably would've made the space a little on the boring side]

[This herringbone print spices up an otherwise neutral / plain jane space]

[The bold print on the floor gives this traditional interior a modern feel]

[This rug works really well alongside the sofa pattern because it's much larger in scale. That's the trick - mix it up with large, medium and small patterns!]

[I feel like you can never go wrong with a bold stripe, especially if it's black and white! This classic pattern really adds a fun pop to this cute living room]

[Sometimes "more is more"! The graphic rug ties the entire space together and looks amazing]


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