Thursday, January 16, 2014

Belle Cuisine :: Fresh + Healthy Smoothies

Hello there...I've missed you all! It's been nearly a week since I've posted anything, as I was on a trip to Big Sur last week (absolutely gorgeous!) and have been busy being a working mommy and wife (I'm sure many of you know how it goes). Anyway, on to today's post...

Now that the holidays are past us, one thing thing I've noticed are my pants are fitting just a little too snug, which makes me absolutely crazy (anyone else feeling this too?)! I overindulged straight from Thanksgiving until last week and it's beginning to show :/ But, instead of crying about it, I've decided to take action and jump-start my exercise routine as well as start eating clean. Being a busy mom on the go, I usually don't have much time to eat all of the healthy fruits and veggies I should, so I decided to start making smoothies everyday. This has been such a quick and easy way to fill up fast and get a good dose of my daily fruit and veggie intake. I use the Magic Bullet which is inexpensive and works fairly well (much easier and faster than a blender), however I would love to own a fancy juicer one day. There are tons of fantastic recipes out there and today I'm sharing several that are on my list to try over the next couple weeks. Let me know if you have any smoothie secrets of your own! Enjoy and wishing you a happy, healthy New Year.


  1. Great post, Julie! All my family and friends admit indulging a lot during this long holiday season ( including myself, too). It's not the pants that worry me most, although I have only one pair that fits now, but you know it's time to clean up when you start feeling groggy all the time.
    Thank you for sharing your favourite recipes. The kale+spinach+apple smoothie sounds great! I'll be trying that first thing tomorrow morning.
    Greetings, xoxo
    House Cleaner

  2. Great post and round up! Thank you fro including two of my juices! =)


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