Wednesday, March 19, 2008

White Walls: A (design) Sin!

One major element that really "makes" a space is painted walls. So many people are afraid of color or are unsure of what paint colors to choose so they end up living with WHITE WALLS...yikes! Now, I understand there are exceptions and certain spaces that look beautiful with white walls, given the style and architecture...but in most cases, color enhances a room, warms a space, gives a room depth, and makes a home feel like a home! My advice is to first choose an "overall" paint color to use throughout your home - a warm or cool neutral (tans, taupes, soft golds , etc.) - leave the bold, bright and deep colors for accent walls or for smaller spaces, such dining rooms, foyers, bathrooms, etc. And don't just think vertically - incorporate the ceiling in areas to add drama or elegance.
Tip: Before you commit to a color and order the paint, get a quart of it and paint several swatches on your walls to be sure it's a color you love and you can live with!
I found all of these wonderful photographs on Domino Magazine's website. Each is a great example of how color can transform a space! Now all of you guilty white-wallers be brave and try something new! It's okay if you don't like it...afterall, it's just paint and it's easy to change!


  1. oh colorful splendor! i love all of the bright colors. i've always wanted to paint every room in my house a different color. but, i have yet to do it. these photos are so inspiring & you give great tips for painting with color.

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