Thursday, May 1, 2008

Design Vignette: Inspired by Art...

I was inspired to design a room around this piece of poster art, English Rose. Sometimes all it takes is a fabric, photo, piece of art or accessory to start the wheels turning in my head! There are so many things that can inspire a beautiful space. If you don't know where to begin and feel overwhelmed when you're trying to design a room, look around you - there's plenty of inspiration!

I created a feminine, whimsical room with a hint of sass. By selecting pieces with soft, curved lines, I kept with the femininity of the art however, the bold contrast between colors adds some drama and keeps the overall feel fresh and fun. From the top: Lisse Sofa by Baker Furniture (a pretty penny for this one!); Liberace Mirrored Table by Arteriors Home; Ethan White Pillow by Blissliving Home; Sofitel Glass Lamp by Arteriors Home; Set of 3 Dutchess White Poodles by Arteriors Home; Monroe Glass Black Vase; Nickel Plate Multi Bulls Eye Mirror by Global Views.
What inspires you? What have you used in the past to inspire new and creative designs?


  1. Fabulous vignette! All of the items go together so well & really convey the feel of your art inspiration. I find inspiration in so many things. Art, music, literature, magazines, fashion, nature, everything around us can inspire.

  2. That mirror is so great!


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